To measure is to know

With Robinson counters we want to contribute to an optimal use and experience of outdoor areas for everyone. 

We do this by making crowds visible in natural areas, in cities, on paths and roads. 
And we use this data for all kinds of practical applications.  

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What is a Robinson counter?

The Robinson Counter

This Robinson counter counts what in its environment you are interested in.

That could be walkers, animals, cyclists or cars.

SlimBuiten! data platform

The data generated by Robinson is directly visible in an online dashboard.

Analyses & reports

The periodic and automatically generated reports give insight in the use of the area.

You can easily look back at past periods and by linking other data sources, predictions can also be made.  


With the information from the dashboard and the analyses, there are many applications possible.

We are delighted to help you with a customized solution! 

Measurement in nature

Natural areas and parks everywhere are being used more and more intensively. In many cases, human visits to these areas do not contribute to improving their quality. At the same time, we also want to continue to recreate and see the beauty of nature.

At Robinson, we are committed to making the crowds in natural areas and parks visible. We think this way we can contribute to the possibilities of dealing with crowds intelligently.
It also helps to be able to take the right measures.

After all, to measure is to know!


This Robinson counter measures how many pedestrians and cyclists use a particular route.  


This combination of Robinson counters measures how many people or cyclists are present in an area.  


This special Robinson animal counter measures how many animals pass a point. 

We customize these Robinson counters for your situation.  

'The Robinson counter is like a real Robinson (Crusoe), it can operated with no external power or data cables and counts anytime, anywhere'.

With Robinson counters we make it clear how your nature reserve park or other area is being used.

With these Robinson counters we are able to count how many people are present. We do this by placing Robinson counters at strategic locations. We link these Robinson counters to your online dashboard, thus creating an invisible digital ‘gateway’. 

The Robinson counters send their data at a set interval, at an agreed frequency, via existing networks. So you have a live insight into how many people are present in an area.  

Currently, we are counting:  

Areas in the Netherlands
Robinson Counters

More than:

Counts per day

Additional Services

Dashboard & App

The dashboard gives your organization a live insight into the current situation.

If desired, you can receive notifications when locations are crowded or we integrate the data into your own environment.

These notifications are ideal for real-time monitoring, for example spontaneous and unexpected crowds.

Analyses & reports

The periodic and automatically generated reports give insight in the use of the area.

You can easily look back at past periods and by linking other data sources, predictions can also be made.  


With the information from the dashboard and the analyses, there are many applications possible.

We are delighted to help you with a customized solution.  

SlimBuiten! Dashboard

The data generated by Robinson counters is displayed in a dashboard.
From SlimBuiten! the data can be used for various applications.    

SlimBuiten! includes:  

  • Data display with extensive parameter capability  
  • Notifications when limits are exceeded  
  • Advanced role structure 
  • Personalization and implementation in your systems (API)  
  • Possibility of better predictions by linking external sources e.g.:  
    • Weather data
    • Event data 
    • Public transport data  
    • Road works data  

The underlying technology

Generic approach